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LA Business Podcast

A forum for business owners and senior executives to share the experiences about the elements that drive their success

– Hosted by Robert Brill

16. Frankie Russo, CEO, Russo Capital

We talk to Frankie Russo, CEO of Russo Capital, about managing multiple businesses, trusting teams and the people you hire, agency growth hacks, and changing with the industry.

15. Maddy Moelis, Co-Founder, Great Jones Goods

We talk with Maddy about how she Co-Founded her kitchen goods business from scratch, her inspirations to do so, and her experience with creating products that young people can be proud to own.

11. Arland Whitfield, CEO, Frontier Mining

We talk to Arland Whitfield, the CEO of a cryptocurrency mining business, and take a deep dive into blockchain, bitcoin, and the cryptocurrency universe – and how it matters for business owners.