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A business podcast for business owners and senior executives to share the experiences about the elements that drive their success.

– Hosted by Robert Brill

The LA Business Podcast is created by Brill Media, a media planning and buying agency based in Los Angeles.

128. Alexander Melton, CEO & Founder of Wyrmix

Please welcome Alexander Melton, CEO & Founder of Wyrmix, a creative technology engineering studio based out of Dallas, TX that that leverages their partnerships to create physical and digital products, connected experiences, and interactive environments.

118. Kerry Siggins, CEO of StoneAge and Host of the podcast Reflect Forward.

Please welcome Kerry Siggins, CEO of StoneAge and Host of the podcast Reflect Forward. StoneAge is an engineering and manufacturing company of industrial cleaning equipment; and is also employee owned.

Named CEO of StoneAge at the young age of 29 years old, grown StoneAge from $8M to $60M in revenue through 3 downturns and in the process of transitioning the company from manufacturing to more of a tech company.

117. T.K. Pillan, Founder & Executive Chairman of Veggie Grill and Founding Partner of Powerplant Partners

Please welcome T.K. Pillan, Founder and Executive Chairman of Veggie Grill, a growing chain of plant-based restaurants. Veggie Grill is the largest 100% plant-based restaurant company in the United States. Since founding Veggie Grill in 2006, T.K. has been helping people advance their conscious food journey in an approachable and attainable manner. T.K. Pillan is also the Founding Partner of PowerPlant Partners, which invests in purpose-led companies dedicated to improving humanity and the planet. PowerPlant Partners investments include Beyond Meat, Thrive Market, Ripple Foods, REBBL, Beanfields and Vive Organics.

116. Vinayak Mahajan, CEO of Gift A Feeling, Inc.

Please welcome Vinayak Mahajan, Founder & CEO of GiftAFeeling Inc. – the only gifting company in the world that educates people on how to find a gift based on research done on human psychology.

115. Michael Coughlin, CEO of Blue Ocean Life

Please welcome Michael Coughlin, CEO of Apparel Company TheBlueOceanLife.com. The Blue Ocean Life Co. is a lifestyle clothing brand designed for people seeking natural ways to improve their wellness. From dealing with the devastating effects of childhood tragedy to struggling with anxiety, Blue Ocean Life Company’s founder Mike Coughlin’s pursuit to live a happier and healthier life has been relentless. Whether in his personal life or in his career, Mike was forced to adapt to difficult circumstances all in pursuit of a better tomorrow for himself and others while keeping the memory of his deceased older brother as his source of inspiration.

114. Jennifer Wilde & Dan McClure, Co-Founders of Innovation Ecosystem

Please welcome Jennifer Wilde, Managing Director at Innovation Ecosystem. Innovation Ecosystem is an organization offering practical tools and support to deliver a step change in innovation effectiveness. Jennifer is a leader in System Innovation, enabling organizations to solve challenging problems, and find the right solutions to build high impact change. Her work allows organizations to tackle more complex problems with original solutions that are big enough to matter. Our success stories are about our clients across the commercial, public sector, and non-profit industries.

113. Brett Cramer, Founder of The Spice Lab

Please welcome Brett Cramer, Co-founder and President of The Spice Lab. The Spice Lab was developed to encourage creative cooking and make meals more flavorful. Many hours of research have gone into finding the finest salts for cooking, finishing and seasoning, and bringing them to your table.

111. Lattice Hudson, CEO of Lattice & Co

Please welcome Lattice Hudson, Owner of Lattice & Co and a business coach, leadership mentor, and social sales expert at latticehudson.com. Lattice helps coaches start, grow, and scale profitable 6-7-figure businesses online. Lattice was born and raised in Chicago, IL and now resides in Scottsdale AZ. Lattice graduated with her Bachelors of Arts. Degree in Human Resource Management in 2015, and went on to work for multiple Fortune 50 companies in various Human Resource Leadership roles.