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01. Welcome To The LA Business Podcast

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A forum for business owners and senior executives to share the experiences about the elements that drive their success.

Intro: [00:00:00] Welcome to the LA Business Podcast, a forum for business owners and senior executives to share the experiences about the elements that drive their success. Your host is Robert Brill, CEO of, an Inc 500 company delivering the power of hyper-local advertising. Robert writes for Forbes, Inc and Ad trade publications.

Our goal is to bring you the stories about successes and failures of people who are making big things happen in marketing, entrepreneurship and management.

Robert Brill: [00:00:42] Welcome to the podcast, everyone. My name is Robert Brill and we are launching this podcast for two topline reasons. The first is that I find myself inquisitive and interested in the journeys that our clients, our partners and our advertisers are taking. I want to know the things that drive them to create business, to take risks and to live an unconventional life. So in a real way, this podcast is driven by my interest in the way that people build businesses.

I want to know those little nuggets of information that ultimately make their businesses highly competitive, profitable, and sustainable in the longterm. What I find is that when we dive into these conversations, a person’s current success comes after a long career of moderate successes. And even some failures.

I want to know what these business leaders know and I want you to benefit from their experiences. Secondly, I think this information and these insights are exceptionally valuable to anyone with a business mindset. Whether or not you’re actually a business owner for business owners and senior executives alike.

Hearing the journeys of business leaders helps our community think bigger and think differently. My hope is that the stories we share on this podcast helps people make maybe just one business decision differently that will result in an ordinary business becoming extraordinary. For 16 years I’ve been in the advertising business at large agencies and small ones.

Driving business results for clients like Bacardi, Toshiba, PetSmart, Sony Pictures, Disney Movies, CapCon and other brands. What I find is that advertising challenges are often mirrored by larger business challenges. So when my company is pulled into run campaigns, we are exposed to the business challenges that clients are facing.

What’s even more interesting and supremely powerful is that the knowledge and insights that we divine from our advertising campaigns are used to impact other parts of the business that don’t specifically touch advertising, such as pricing, product offering, messaging, website development, and overall business strategy.

So we have the unique benefit of working at the nexus of technological evolution, data, business strategy, and real world customer feedback. In many respects, we offer better business outcomes through advertising. So I hope this podcast will help you be a better business owner, senior executive, and entrepreneur.

Let’s get started.

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