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65. Vipin Porwal, Founder and CEO of Smarty

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Learn how this CEO created an innovative tech offering to help both retailers and consumers flourish.

LA Business Podcast – Vipin Porwal

Intro: [00:00:00] Welcome to the LA Business Podcast, a forum for business owners and senior executives to share the experiences about the elements that drive their success. Your host is Robert Brill, CEO of Brill an Inc 500 company. Delivering the power of hyper-local advertising. Robert writes for Forbes Inc, and ad trade publications.  Our goal is to bring you the stories about successes. The failures of people who are making big things happen in marketing, entrepreneurship, and management.

Robert Brill: [00:00:37] Thanks for being with us today.

Vipin Porwal: [00:00:39] Thanks for having me here, Robert.

Robert Brill: [00:00:41] So before we get started to the conversation, let’s introduce who Vipin is. Vipin Porwal is a CEO and founder of Smarty, which is a fast growing startup in the online shopping space.

Tell us a little bit about you and what is Smarty. Tell us a lot. I want to learn a lot. How did you get started with a Smarty? So Smarty I came up with this Smarty idea a few years back. I was trying, I was doing an online shopping. And I was trying to apply coupons onto a website. I was trying to basically see money at the time.

And then none of the coupons were working. And I looked at my email inbox into promotions tab on Gmail, and I found a coupon and that worked to my initial idea was to basically, how do I take these coupons from my Gmail promotions inbox and apply it. And how many times am I losing on this coupons that are sitting in my mailbox and I’m not able to efficiently use them when I’m shopping online.

So that was the original idea how to capture the coupon from the mailbox and use on the retailer’s website. So it sounds like as a curation issue, Yeah. It’s not only that, it’s just that you have all these coupons sitting in your mailbox. How do you take them and apply them in a time efficient manner?

So, yes, initially the idea was to take the coupon from the mailbox, build a repository and then apply it when you were at checkout. So I was trying to solve problems for my own good at this time. And when did you, when did you start the business? So the before Smarty, I was doing social mob and other influencer marketing platform at that time, this idea of popped up to apply coupon from the website, but the business didn’t start until like, especially because Pusha was flourishing at that time.

So it was something that was sitting on the table. This business started in 2018, so it’s been like two years now. We’re building Smarty professionally.

That’s amazing. And so tell us a little bit about how you, I mean, how do you gain traction for something like this? Because there’s a browser extension, you have to join, like you’re vying for consumer attention.

Like how do you get to a point where people adopt and how do you incentivize people and, and what are the channels that you’ve used to kind of get, get the word out about, about Smarty.

Vipin Porwal: [00:03:00] So right now we are organically growing, but we are doing some media buying into getting the word out, getting the users on board.

And initially when I, when I started looking into the extension, well, not even on the table for me, because my whole idea was to curate the coupons that are targeted coupons that are sitting in your mailbox. To put it onto the website for you and an individual when we started the business. And when we did that, we realized that we have to bring these coupons onto the user’s website.

And we got into the extension business at that point. So most of the users at this time got media, mine getting the word out. We have YouTube advertising in place and trying to get the word out there, getting as many users as possible.

Robert Brill: [00:03:43] Do you have, do you have a specific type of user in mind that is more inclined to be, to be using? Is it, is this an app or a website? I’m so sorry if I, if you said that I missed it.

Vipin Porwal: [00:03:55] It’s a Chrome extension. Yeah. So it’s basically. An extension that sits on your browser. As in, when you reach to a checkout page on a website, it offers you to whether you want to apply coupons. And instead of you trying to get the coupons from outside, trying, trying to curate the coupons and apply coupons, extension jumps and airplay coupons for you, it applies not only applies the coupon.

It cooks for the best possible coupons. So many times on the website. That I’m wondering for coupons that might end up working and it would pick up the best one for you at that moment. And not only that, depending upon our relationship with the retailers, very full to offer the cash back as well at the same time to the consumers.

Robert Brill: [00:04:42] That’s amazing. So there’s, do you collect consumer? Like, how do you, I imagine for retailer, this is a big opportunity to collect data and provide a greater understanding of who their customers are and how they are in a disparate they’re they’re reacting and connecting with the brand in a disparate way.

Like how does the data flow there? And is there an alternate business opportunity?

Vipin Porwal: [00:05:06] Yeah. So Smarty is definitely, well, we are a security first privacy first kind of, we’re not selling a data to anybody outside of our organization. We collect data only for the need for, to make our product more efficient.

With retailers, we are relationship where, when we are able to convert the seeds for the retailers, by applying the coupons and we get some incentive back from the retailers and that’s the incentive that we are able to share with the consumers.

Robert Brill: [00:05:35] That’s amazing. And so what type of like technical, how do you build a Chrome browser?

Like, I don’t even, I couldn’t even tell you where to start on that. Like, how does that, how does that come to be.

Chrome extensions are provide the framework. Google provides the framework for the developers to build the Chrome extensions. And I was familiar with the extension because as a developer with engineering background, we ended up using the extensions all the time for different reasons.

And this was the idea we put together where we got the extension. An extension goes into the Chrome store. So it goes through Google’s I always see policies and Google’s review before he went, makes it over there. So for the users, it’s like reviewed and tested by Google for it to be in the Chrome store in the first.

That’s incredible. So 2018, you, you started the business. You’re doing media acquisition to acquire new customers. So let me ask you, so when you run an ad on YouTube, for example, does the ad go to your URL joint, or does it automatically initiate a download.

Vipin Porwal: [00:06:41] Oh, no, no. It goes, it goes through our lender where we explain in detail about what our product is and by engaging in what you are going to get.

And then when user engages with our act to extension button to the Chrome, it takes it to the Google Chrome store. And then it gives another opportunity for them to decide whether they want to install an extension or not. So uses it for full control through Google Chrome, and then they can disabled the extension.

They can uninstall the extension at their own. Well, this is, this is, this is not like the would always have the exe being downloaded on the windows machine is running in the browsers framework controlled by Google and third parties. And it’s just really secure.

Robert Brill: [00:07:23] That’s incredible. And so what I imagine you became much more relevant to people over the last nine months.

Those people are looking for, you know, when there’s, when there’s uncomfortable stuff happening in the world and the economy, people want to clamp down and spend less money. I imagine you became much more viable and not viable, but like important to people as. As COVID-19 hit. Can you tell us a little about, a bit about your journey over the last year?

Really? How the changes in the world affected Smarty.

Vipin Porwal: [00:07:57] We have been constantly building our extension integrating into a fleet networks and retailers to get the maximum value for our users. By extending the merchant list. And we have to work with multiple affiliate networks to get all the merchants in an issue was to get as much coverage as possible.

So even if you go to like a small retailer website, you should be able to apply the coupons, get the cash back. That was our goal to recover. The top, not only top, I mean, we work with about 6,000 retailers at this time through affiliate networks, of course. And we apply coupons and extension coupons and cash back when the when COVID hit it, wasn’t a unfortunate time for everyone.

All of us, everybody we had to scramble to get back home. We kind of rediscovered our office space to our home space and We saw an uptake in the traffic that was flowing in. And we are happy to give the cash back to the users. We were able to now I, extension definitely not only applies the.

Coupons give you the gas back in a time efficient and cost efficient manner. So you go to a website, you’d apply the coupons and definitely definitely saw. And you get the cash back. We issued the cash backs to the user when they ask us for the cash back and it just goes to the PayPal account and we definitely saw an uptick in the online traffic.

That’s incredible. As you look into 2021 tell us about, about what’s driving your business. Like, is it, is it the ad buying that’s the consumer acquisition? Is it product. Where, where, where does your focus go over the next 12 months into 2021? It’s going to be a transformative year. Nonetheless. We’ve we, we built down that we, we stripped down the old world in 2020, we’re going to rebuild a new world in 2021.

We have the vaccine rolling out as we speak. It’s like a really incredible time in it’s a historical moment for us to be living through. And we have, you know, business people, entrepreneurs. We have the added, I guess the added, I guess, responsibility of taking care of our employees, taking care of our taking care of our people think here of our customers.

So it’s about this transformative year. That’s going to come for you over 2021. So when COVID hit and we were working from home we came a lot of great ideas. Our, our, our goal here is not just to be coupons and cash back for the consumers, but we want to get into consumer tech space where we want consumers to be able to use the benefits that retail is offering us our product new product innovations that are coming in are coming through.

Are. Smarty plus program, we recently launched a subscription based platform where we not only double the cash back, but adding a lot of other benefits that we’ll be rolling out in coming months. We calling Smarty plus program and the idea of, for the Smarty plus program games from comes from the protection that we are going to offer to our consumers and subscribers the, the features that we’re launching are like price protection, shipping protection in order protection things like that.

And for the online shopping when as a user you’re doing an online shopping you are, you are being offered a lot of protections by the retailers, but then.  Life is so busy and it’s very difficult to track all these things. I’ll give you an example of, for the price protection. What happens is that when you purchase something online, a retailer is offering you a price protection for 30 days, 60 days that if the price drops, you can take a refund from the retailer.

Now. None of us are doing it. It’s just impossible for us to track the price drop on a product by product, across multiple retailers. What Smarty does is that it’s going to not only track your purchases, it looks for the price protection on the retailers. We have played the price drop. It’s going to alert you and provide a platform so that you can engage with the customer service.

And claim the cash back or the refund for the price that has been dropped on a product also a little bit about your, your history prior to prior to Smarty. How, because it’s always fascinating to me. Like when people get into business, what business that they actually choose. Right? Like, tell us about, tell us about how you were able to like, even conceive of an idea like this.

Cause this seems like incredibly complicated. I wouldn’t even know where to start with this. It starts out, started with them. I mean, the coupons well, before before this, before Smarty, we were working on a social There was an influencer marketing platform. The social media was all around us and we see like all these things coming in and we have brands that we were able to, to reach out to because they were they were wanting traffic from all these influencers.

And all these influencers have this followers that they are able to bring the traffic from. This is where our influencer marketing platform but, and we’re able to drive a lot of traffic to a lot of big websites at the time. But then it was built on top of the social media platforms. The rules of engagement kind of changed over there.

And then when that business went down from that arm. Yep. So, and prior to that, do you know how to code like, well, like how do you get to a point where, where, where your the, the formative experiences are really interesting to me? It’s like, why didn’t I think of that? You know, Yeah. So I definitely have a lot of engineering background.

I’ve been coding for 20 years. I’m kind of heavily involved in the technology aspect of building the product as a Smarty as well in constantly looking for ideas. The goal always is to automate if I’m doing something twice, I’m always looking to automate it. And this is where the whole inclination comes in with the coupon salt.

It started with the same thing. It’s like, I see a coupon sitting in my mailbox. I want to apply it, but how do I apply it efficiently? I start writing code. And as you, as you think about the build-out and the marketing of your business, how do you segregate? Roles and responsibilities within your organization, like process is such an important part of a business overall.

Like I think processes the way to unlock growth long-term for a business and to your point, and if you have to do something twice, you code it, you think about a way to automate it. How do you, how do you think about process within your organization? Two things here? The first thing is that I worked in fortune 500 companies.

I’m very, very extremely, process-oriented a lot of discipline. And coding gives you a lot of discipline because, you know, you have to not only conceive the idea, not only code the idea, but you have to like test it, verify it, move it to production, and then you have to do it every single day.

Repetitively. So we do a lot of automation within the engineering itself and with DVD company it’s since we are a small company, we’re extremely flat. A lot of people are involved in decision making, but they’re very independent in their decision-making. I was lucky to hire the right people on board.

There’s a constant that I always follow is like, you need a team that builds version one because you know not everybody is capable of building version one of your product. And you feel able to hire the right people, then you can definitely make the product as streamline. It becomes less work for you and the team works for you on a bigger object.

You have helping the consumer get the benefits that they need. Tell us a little bit about search engine optimization. How has, has that been a big part of your growth? And if so, like tell us a little bit about the types of things you’ve done with search engine optimization to grow your business. We, we are actively doing search engine optimization constantly on giants, Marty dot com, but then search engine optimization is it’s such a big challenge in itself.

Because you know, everybody’s looking for free traffic coming in from Google or other search engines out there.  It’s a constant effort. We have been doing it. It’s a work in progress. I would say. Are you looking for, I mean, I imagine the, the, the, the group of websites, the collective community of people who are looking for coupons is a big place.

Do you do things where you connect with other couponing sites? Like, are, are those competitors or are those like, like allies? Like how do you, how do you work with other coupon sites? Does it even make sense to work with them? Yes. Some of them are competitors. Some of them are dual roles. They are competitors, as well as the affiliate networks.

They’re providing us the benefits that they need to different relationships with depending upon the retailers that they have acquired. It works in different ways, but are our, we’re getting into the consumer tech space now with our Smarty plus program and coupons and cashback is a good aspect of it, but that comes into the, into the free zone of our platform.

We’re extending into a Smarty plus platform where. We got to go into offer this price protection and shipping protection, all these benefits for the users. And we’re trying to acquire the subscribers in that zone. Our Smarty plus program is offered at $13 per month. And you went to subscribe it.

You connect your email inbox into that, and then. We provide all these benefits with the double the cash back shipping and return shipping refinance price protection, where if the price changes on the retailer’s website you are eligible to claim the refund from the retailer.

We help make the process easier. We do the shipping rebates, which is basically many retailers offer you a guaranteed shipping date. But if the shipping, the product does not meet you by the, within the timeframe that they have given you, you are eligible or claiming the refunds from those retailers, we make that process easier.

These are the things that are like hidden in your mailbox and consumers, not even aware of that. So our goal is to basically work for the consumer on a broader scope and not just go out and cash back. So when you think about the competitive landscape, there’s some element of Amazon prime in here, right?

Yes, absolutely. About that. I mean, that’s a big, that’s a, that’s a big boy on the block. It is, it is big bite on the block. Amazon is one of the retailers that offers you B shipping guarantee. And shipping promise. And if the product you’re purchasing from Amazon does not reach your doorstep by the time they promised you Amazon gives you a promise that they’re going to give you a compensation for that, but none of us are claiming it.

And. What Smarty does it, not only, not only tracks your packages, but it also looks for if there are shipping delays. And if there are shipping delays, smartly platform will enable the users by one click to claim the refunds are got compensation from Amazon. In this case, your service reminds me of Aflac.

It’s like. It’s like the service. It’s like the insurance you get when it does, it’s not going to cover your main thing, but it’s going to cover like the, the, the, the situations that you don’t plan for. Like, it sounds like it’s a good, like, it’s like a good way to ensure that like, all your bases are taken care of it.

I imagine it’s going to save it saves consumers a ton of money, right? It is. It is. It is. That’s why I always like, try to tell, like, Smarty we have a sufficient plan, but then it’s doing subscription plan out there that pays you back. I you go ahead and subscribe to all the services the money’s gone, but in this case, your money is coming back because we’re able to make your consumer and retailer relationship tight and allowing you to reach out to the retailers to get the compensation that you are entitled for.

Then they’re promising they’re more than happy to give it to you, but you’re not claiming it. So let’s go back to your growth story, right? Like when we, when, when you look at the business, you have SEO, you have paid media, you have. Organic social media. What, without giving too much away. Like what’s the driving?

What’s the driving force. Is it, is it paid media for consumer acquisition at this time? Yes, it is. We are getting out there on the social media as well, and we are trying to reach out to the people because I’m building a platform at this time that I love to use. And I’m very excited about all these benefits that are going to come and show it The shipping protection that we just talked about on Amazon, right.

It’s kind of in beta phase right now, we launched it within the company. And we were able to like get a refund about $600 collectively within our team from Amazon, which was like, nobody was claiming it. That’s huge mind-boggling number and it’s just a beat. So. For the people who are going to subscribe the are going to basically on back from this platform.

That’s incredible. And so tell us about your biz dev relationships with like door dash, for example, is it the same type of thing as you have set up with Amazon? Yes. So in the order protection, are we calling it other protection where we are going with the price protection? As I mentioned shipping protection that we just talked about with the Amazon being the major player there then the delivery protection is where we are Covering the delivery that people are our ring.

Our goal is to ensure that consumers are able to reach out to the, all the support teams from not only door dash Postmates, Uber eats and reach out. So that. They can have a mechanics to have the compensation in case the deliveries are not delivered on time or there’s something wrong with the order right now.

It’s really difficult. All these websites have all these phone numbers and customer service, but when I’m ordering food, I’m not looking for these things to go on online and. Each of these things, what Smarty does is that it makes it easier for you to reach out to all these support services out there for the food deliveries.

Totally. And, you know, what’s, what’s interesting is like I’ve had some really great experiences with the various food delivery services, but like one of the very early times I used them like a couple of years ago. The order was wrong. There were some special thing that I asked for and I had, like, I literally had the guy circling the map, circling my place because he couldn’t release the order and I couldn’t release the order.

It was some weird thing. And I was like, man, It’s all good. I’ll tell it until I tell it, it just falls apart and this would have been a fantastic tool. Let me ask you, like, when you think about orders that Amazon delivery orders, door dash orders, the delivery protection. How I imagine it happens pretty frequently throughout any given day that enough people are having problems.

Do you have any idea of how many, like. Is it thousands of times a day, tens of thousands of times they were, there’s some issue with a, an order going wrong with like a door dash, for example, I would say a lot more than that. I mean, just because we are still building a product, but by beta launch into Amazon itself.

And as I mentioned, we were able to collect $600 collectively within the team. There was a mind-boggling number. And our, our platform was able to scan everything and it will just give you a like, Hey, this is the order that you ordered that was delivered late. This is came on time. It just give you a full printout on the UI.

And not only that you’re able to reach out like if you see that the order was late, you click button, and then you are an Amazon with the message that you have to give to Amazon, because, you know, even if you want to do it on your own, You have not only, you have to find out that the order was late.

You have to find out the order ID. When was it shipped? What did you order? All this friction questions that come in from the support team on the other side, our messaging makes it very, very clear. It collects the data, give it to you. And as soon as you start engaging with the customer support team over there, they have all the data that they need.

So it kind of reduces the friction. For Amazon as well. And for you, as it comes, you must wait. So let me just take a step back here just to be sure. I understand correctly. You’re saying that a user, if, if I order something from Amazon and it arrives late, I’m entitled to what or to what a refund of what Amazon prime.

I’m not, you know, how does that work? You are from the Amazon’s politics perspective, we are entitled for a compensation. There are guidelines on Amazon that tells you that if it does that you can reach out to their support team and they’ll be happy to issue you. Amazon is a great company it’s charging itself to keep up its promises.

And giving the consumer the ability to challenge them, see if they deliver weight, you are entitled for compensation. Wow. Yeah, we have seen in the order, like $5, $10, depending upon the con depending upon the value of the product, I would say the compensation is that’s great. Had no idea.

Reorder there’s something or coming to our Amazon door every single freaking day to our door from Amazon or target or whoever else every day, we’re leaving. I’m sure with having so much money on the table, cause like use this, this is, this is the nugget that’s going to save people money. And you know, what’s interesting.

Like there’s also a. Th the, the component of friction I think is really important here. Like I I’ve I’ve I have been flow in and out of it, but like, I love this idea of reducing and removing friction where possible. Cause that is, that is a massive serve as it, it takes so much mental energy to like, or reorient one’s mind from, okay, I’m working on something now.

Now I’ve got to think about, okay, I got to get a refund. Do I care about the $5 thing to a lot of people that makes a lot of sense. If you have the time and energy. Yeah. Now, if I could do that seamlessly with your tool, that is amazing. So you’re, you’re at you’re effectively, depending on how much you order from Amazon, you buy this, what is it called?

Smarty plus 20 minutes program. Yes. You, you buy the Smarty plus you actually probably gonna make some money off that $13 a month that you’re spending on Smarty plus. Absolutely. As I mentioned, Smarty plus is the only subscription program out there. That’s going to pay you back. It’s not only that, you know, to remember that we are giving you double the cash back as well now on, so if you go and shop something from Macy’s and not only you apply coupons through Smarty, you get double the cash back.

So if you buy a hundred dollars and if we are offering 10% as a Smarty plus subscriber, you get 20 bucks instead of 10 bucks. So. You’re going to make money being a Smarty plus subscriber in the longterm now because you know, our shopping online is increasing or the packages that come to our door are increasing.

And the more protection that you have, the better it is for you. So let me ask you, when you go to market and you, you talk about Smarty and Smarty plus, like, do you, how do you, how do you talk about what, what is your messaging look like? Oh, Smarty plus is in a, what do you call a stealth mode at this time?

But this was time, actually, I’m talking about Marty plus program coming up and coming because we’re still building it. There are challenges, you know, there are always challenges to build a product that is complicated like this. One of the things that we need first monikers program to work is access to your mailbox because you know, all these retailers are sending you receipts and all this information.

In the email. So we need to read your I have access to your email program at program to make programmatically and there are routes for that. You cannot just read the email. So we, right now, at this time, we are working with Google. For an audit process where Google is going to well third-party is auditing our systems to make sure that we are security and privacy first, as we see, and we are, and the data for the users is secure and we’re not selling this data to anybody.

So when when you work with consumer and their data, there’s a lot of responsibility that flows in and we are working towards that at this time. That’s amazing. That’s it? That’s a lot. That’s a lot. When you talk about Smarty, just as a, as a whole, your, your core product right now without the Smarty plus, like, tell us, tell me about the messaging.

Tell us about the core. The core messaging components. Is it, you know, saved money on Walgreens or Nike? Is it, are you trying to build, build a brand is brand important to you? Like how does that, how does that play out? Yeah we are, at this time we were focused on basically consumer protection. I think we are taking the position that there are a lot of benefits.

That you as a consumer when you shop online, which basically everybody’s doing multiple times a week as have a lot of benefits that you’re entitled to, that retail is offering you, but you’re not able to take those benefits away because it’s just complex and smartly plus program is going to make it easier for you.

Through our tooling process that will allow is to do all this stuff. That’s great. You have a lot of, I’m looking at your your SEO. You have a lot of links, a lot of like interesting links tied back to couponing. Lot of promos, like you guys are definitely the hub. Do you, how do you, how do you, like when you look at success, what are you looking at?

Is it active users? Is it dollars saved? What are your core metrics for your business? Yeah, daily active users and the the efficiency of the coupons that we are able to apply across multiple retailers, because at the end of the day, we want our coupons to work. It’s a, it’s a, it’s a daunting task to get the right coupon at the right time for the consumer, depending upon what’s sitting in his car And I know you’re looking at a website where played is a good front face for us, but a lot of the benefits for the Smarty freemium comes to extension because when you’re shopping online, we don’t expect you to come to join Smarty.

We want you to install the extension that kicks in when you’re actually shopping. So you don’t have to necessarily think about coming to John’s muddy all the time. Oh, the Smarty plus once you connect things together we’ll be watching for you on your mailbox and trying to give you all the benefits that you’re entitled to.

So you don’t have to constantly engage with that website. Smarty plus seems like a really great program. I am totally going to have my wife install it on her computer. It’s Smarty plus. Yes, definitely. It’s the, it’s the program a Smarty plus is stolen smartly. If it’s a subscription that I’m sure we’ll make back more than 13 bucks a month on that.

Absolutely. Absolutely. Just from if you’re a big Amazon shopper just from Amazon, I bet you will be able to make it more back forget about all the other benefits that I just talked about with double the cash back and other things that kicks in from other dealers. So, what, what kind of support staff are you looking at to kind of make Smarty plus like, I imagine you need just people paying attention to customer service stuff.

Like how do you roll that out? That seems like also a really massive endeavor. Yeah, so we’re working with multiple partners. We have a support team in-house and we have the other partners that work that we work with. We have like everything is kind of on the periphery. We work with a lot of partners.

We also kind of write checks for cash backs. That goes out to, we work with other partners that write checks for us. There are some partners who are basically fielding phone calls for the, from the users, because we want to be available for our users. So you’re really, so you’re really piecing together a lot of disparate parts to be kind of like a.

Ho hub and spoke model spoken hub model, right? Like you’re the center point of all these different things that are happening around the consumer and your job is almost like to be the account manager for the consumer, like tracking of the coupons, making sure that the consumer gets what’s due owed to them.

You’re an advocate for the consumer, you know, that’s, that’s a really cool, that’s a really cool setup. And I imagine it’s immensely difficult. And at the same time, we, we, we’re not, we’re not, it’s not, we’re not taking a position, we’re working for the consumers, but at the same time, we’re also helping retailers can work.

The seats by applying the coupons, you know as a consumer, if I’m going to a website and If the coupon works, I’m more likely to convert at that moment as opposed to a coupon. I try and it doesn’t work. I leave my cart and go away. So for the retailers, it’s an added advantage. They were able to convert that sale at that point in time.

That’s great. Okay. Let’s as we wrap up Vipin so people, I have the the URL scrolling at the bottom. It’s joined If you want to get the Smarty plus it’s joined plus if people want to reach out to you, talk to you about opportunities, how, how can they reach out to you?

We are always online on our Website, we have a chat enable supporting is always there to fill the call for and then for the subscription program, you can always suspect to us Marty plus platform. I encourage everyone to come to a smart declares platform. We are in the process of launching some great features come new here.

As an, as soon as we are done with the audit and we’ll be able to not only do the shipping protection from Amazon, we’ll be able to do price protection for the products that you buy online. If the price drops that itself, I would say Would give you a lot of cash back pro in terms of refund, I personally did on websites, multiple websites over this holiday season, just to validate my product in my ideas.

And I was able to get the refund for the price protection as well. That’s great. I’m gonna make money with Smarty plus. Yeah. Make money, save money. Buy the product. Worked for the retailers, works for the consumer. I think it’s a good fit in between that. That’s just a plan that is going to, you’re going to make money on, on a plan that you pay for.

Robert Brill: [00:34:19] I love it. Vipin Porwal CEO and Founder of Smarty. Thanks for being with us today.

Vipin Porwal: [00:34:25] Thank you, Robert.

Robert Brill: [00:34:27] Thank you for listening to this episode of the LA Business Podcast. If you like what we’re doing on this podcast, please consider subscribing on Apple or Google Play, leaving a five star review and sharing with your friends.

If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations for a guest you’d like to hear on this podcast, please email me [email protected].  Thank you. Have a fantastic day.

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